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Pressure Transducers

Able to measure the pressure of fluids, liquids or gases,
in all application required by industry.
Measurement ranges from relative and absolute 0-50 mbar
to 0-5000bar, mV / V and amplified output in current
and voltage. Atex also available with intrinstic safety for
use in dangerous areas.

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Succeed: Repair flying shear control systems.
Request: Urgent repair
Succeed: Upgrade wire drawing control systems.
Request: Analog D.C. drives conver to advance digital control D.C. drives.
Succeed: Recondition shearing machine control systems.
Request: Recondition shearing machine control systems.
Succeed: Embossing control sytems
Request: Synchronization speed control.
Succeed: Upgrade plastic extrusion control systems.
Request: Analog drives upgrade to advance digital control drives systems.
Succeed: Rotory shearing contol systems
Requst: Non stop cutting tolerance +/- 2mm.
Succeed: Roll forming contol systems
Request: Control cut to length tolerance between +/- 0.5mm ~ 1mm.

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