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Power Solid State Relays Wattcor series

Single-phase power solid state relays with heatsink, for
demanding industrial applications. Logic, analog,
potentiometer control.

"Zero crossing" trigger and with phase angle.
Diagnostics funtion with incorporated alarm output.
Optional RS485 Modbus serial line. Solutions up
to 600 A per phase.

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Succeed: Repair flying shear control systems.
Request: Urgent repair
Succeed: Upgrade wire drawing control systems.
Request: Analog D.C. drives conver to advance digital control D.C. drives.
Succeed: Recondition shearing machine control systems.
Request: Recondition shearing machine control systems.
Succeed: Embossing control sytems
Request: Synchronization speed control.
Succeed: Upgrade plastic extrusion control systems.
Request: Analog drives upgrade to advance digital control drives systems.
Succeed: Rotory shearing contol systems
Requst: Non stop cutting tolerance +/- 2mm.
Succeed: Roll forming contol systems
Request: Control cut to length tolerance between +/- 0.5mm ~ 1mm.

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